Improve your Putting with Gravity Grip

The unique design of the Gravity Grip features an ultra-light EVA foam body, weighing a total of 35 grams and moulded into a deep V shape.

A 70 gram 10” steel rod is installed in the bottom of the V running the entire length of the grip.

The foam body, the steel rod and the outer wrap gives the Gravity Grip a total weight of 120 grams.


By positioning the weight directly under and a half-inch away from the shaft, the hands can feel the position of the putter face much easier. This innovative design helps to keep the face of the putter squarer throughout the stroke, virtually eliminating face rotation at impact.


Gravity Grip

This heavier-than-usual grip weight allows for more weight in the putter head. The result is a greater overall weight for increased stability and accuracy, while maintaining an ideal swing weight for optimum feel and distance control.